GA Power Rate Plans

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Anybody tried or familiar with some of the rate plan options they have? I was just checking them out on their site. Kind of hard to figure whether we would save or not. Anyone tried and gotten significant savings by sticking to the usage discipline they want? (Such as avoiding the peak summer afternoon hours and reducing peak demand, using only one big appliance at a time)


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I have Scana. Just a tip...

A few months ago I received a notice from ? advertising a rate of 38 cents a therm. Scana was my supplier at a rate of ~50 cents a therm. I called up Scana and they match the lower rate.

Just in the last week or two I saw a rate of something like 33 cents a therm so maybe I didn't get a great deal, but it shows the gas companies will deal.


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I have Flint. I know they offer various plans, but I found my biggest savings after I had to replace my HVAC unit earlier this year for a more energy efficient unit.