Game Roosters For sale

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My hobby has gotten out of control. I have always liked the looks of game chickens better than any other breed, but I have too many roosters in the hen house!! I've got 8 for sale. Price reduced $7/rooster $40/all
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What Breeds Are They?
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The only thing I can tell you is that they have some Mclean hatch in them. Thats the only one that I can remember. When i got the hens and roosters that they are out of the guys didn't give much information. They wanted to get rid of them as fast as possible, if you kow what I mean.


mann we had a hatch/claret cross that would kill possums tryin too get eggs/hens/chics ...even stood up too my big ole bourbon red gobbler like he was the devil ......miss that ole bird too he was kool....
My hobby has gotten out of control. I want to make it clear that I do not fight my Roosters. I have always liked the looks of game chickens better than any other breed. I have roosters running loose every where! The price is 15/per rooster OBO. The price is very Negotiable :bounce:. I will try to post some pics asap. I can't figure out where I put the digital camera.
And their not fighting?
My uncles have had them for YEARS, and if they have turned game, then they will fight? Just wondering how ya kept them from fighting?
Anyways Free Bump For Ya!
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The heathins fight all the time. I was saying that I don't fight them for sport or money. That's my problem more roosters than hens = nothing but fighting all day long. I just hope they don't kill there fool selves before I can get rid of them. I appreciate the bump!
How many ya have total ?
Roosters ?
Hens ?

You say Hatch , are they full
or crossed.
Green leg, yellow leg ?

Unless you can pin um in seperate pins
or stake them out to where they cant
reach one another their gonna fight.
And either will kill or blind one another
You dont have to entice them, its in their
I had some greys from up in NC
when the hen hatched off I had to seperate
the stags a 5 wks of age or they'ed flat kill one another
I even had hens that would fight as much as a Rooster.
Had one hen that crowed like a Rooster LOL :bounce:
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Still at least 5 more left

I've got at least 5 roosters left that I need to get rid of. Make an offer guys they need to go!!:biggrin2: