Gatlinburg trout/smallmouth

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Heading up next weekend for a few days. I know it is a perfect opportunity to catch some trout and smallies I just don't know where to start. I plan to fly fish and bring a spinning setup as well. Any advice is appreciated!
Drive a few miles above town and park just below The Park Headquarters at Sugarlands. Get in the creek and have a ball with the Rainbows. If your not crunched for time follow the signs to Cades Cove and Tremont will enter Little River on your left. On a map it may list Tremont as Middle Prong. Good luck.
Are you after wild trout or stockers? The Little Pigeon running through the middle of Gatlinburg is usually stocked full of trout. Any body of water in the Park that you can't step across will have wild trout. There are smallmouth in the Little River and lower Abrams Creek.
In the Little River, most of the smallmouth are below the Sinks.
Fished up there about 12 years ago and it was some of the toughest fishing my wife and I encountered, very picky trout! Lessons learned? Go light, 2-3 weight and short 6-7 foot rod, small flies, dry and nymph, don’t pass up little branches off the main stream, got 2 nice brookies on a 6ft 2 weight set up using a size 20 black gnat, it was probably 6-8 foot wide branch off the main and got them hanging close to the bank