GBAA State Spring Turkey


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Getting close!!

The 2015 State Indoor host will also be determined by vote after completion of the Saturday afternoon round.

Host clubs vying for the tournament need to be present!


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James Weeks 1st freestyle Olin Price 3rd place freestyle Tyler Weeks 1st place young adult male freestyle David Moore 1st place senior freestyle Ansliegh Wilk 1st place youth women freestyle Veronica Seaborn sorry if i spelled that wrong 1st place adult female Garett Price 1st place cub male Thats all i can remember lol.
Great course. It was one of the toughest I can remember shooting in a long time. I cant understand why Ga archers are not supporting their own state shooting events. Is it all about the $$ all the time?


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Wish we had a shoot like Redding..... Looks like fun! Maybe it's time for some changes!!