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Alright guys, couple guys from work are going down to steinhatchee for a weekend fishing trip.. the plan is to drive down saturday morning after morning after we get off, drop the stuff off and head to cedar key pier and fish for a while. that next morning we're renting a boat from sea hag and gonna go fish some inshore..

Im looking for set-up recommendations for the pier, i have an older rod I've used for live bait its a 5:2:1 reef on a 7ft medium heavy rod, would that work for the pier and to free line pin fish on the flats?

im also looking at taking two rods for inshore on sunday, and am looking for setup suggestions and rod/reel suggestions as well. completely new to any sort of salt water fishing except about 4 hours of pier fishing total.

i know its a lot of questions just trying to cover my bases. thanks.
Unless you're planning to spend a fair amount of cash on new equipment, I would suggest you use what you already may have. Spinning, casting, or conventional reels will work, as will standard bass equipment (rinse well with fresh water after each use). Terminal tackle is usually very basic; live bait rigs, dropper rigs, carolina rigs, float rigs, and plastics work well. All of them will work off a pier or boat. Weights will vary from 1/2 ounce to 4 ounces plus depending on tide, current, and depth. Bait will depend on the species being targeted.
My advice for inshore is casting:
budget rod-daiwa harrier-$45
budget reel-daiwa fuego ct-$69

Better casting gear
st croix tidemaster rod $111 and Daiwa Tatula Type R $120
If you want spinning gear Id do the same rods with a used Shimano spheros sw for cheap

I use a similar setup for pinfish, abugarcia 5600 or 6000 on a similar MH rod, my 6000 is just on a 5ft rod to make room for more stuff in the boat.