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Going to go ahead and crank up the new thread and keep my fingers crossed that the weather models draw a bead on a high percentage chance of landfall and actual believable track once it's on land. They have been all over the place today and it's just getting too close to landfall for this foolishness.

I'll post the 5am information in the morning and hopefully have some credible information for you folks.
.LONG TERM /Thursday Night through Tuesday/...
The main concern continues to be Hurricane Florence and its
eventual track. There is increasing indications that Florence
will stall for a period somewhere near the NC to SC coastline
then take a track to the SW before heading up somewhere between
the SAV river Valley and the center of GA. This will mean increased
winds and rain chances for a large portion of the area somewhere
in the Sunday to Tuesday timeframe.

The GFS wants to take Florence up the SAV river valley and the
European up the center of GA or so. Both models greatly weaken
Florence as this occurs from a wind standpoint. The southern
Appalachians and portions of N and E GA could become a target
for heavy rainfall.

Let me be clear that the details of the forecast are still highly
uncertain but there is some increased confidence for a wetter and
windier period.
From the NWS this morning. That last sentence is hilarious.


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Or he's trying to pull his hair out. The tv met's are showing it impacting north Georgia now


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Thx miggy. The last pic you posted shows tropical storm force winds from central Florida north near Pennsylvania on Saturday. This is one huge storm
The percentages map (in color) is the percentage chance that those areas will see tropical storm force winds. Not a guarantee they will. The outermost band (green) is 5% chance or less.


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Euro has it making a left over north ga / Atlanta? If I’m reading that right?

If Florence decides to turn left, would N GA receive a lot of rain and light wind? Or would we get strong winds also that could down trees and power lines? I know a lot would decide on how Florence weakens when it makes land fall/
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