****General Discussion Weather Thread #3 - 2018****

Hope all you folks in it's path stay safe. We were extremely blessed here, some rain, gusty winds & coastal flooding. Gulf, Franklin, Jackson and Gadsden counties were slammed. Hadn't heard about Calhoun or Liberty counties. Sounds like Walton County fared pretty good.
Praying for all affected & in it's path.
So far so good here in central Coffee Co just north of Douglas. 20mph winds, 1/10th inch of rain so far. Im sure it will get worse overnight but it looks like it is staying further west than expected.

Prayers for those that are along its path.
Lost power at 8:10 We're one of about 130 out in Jones county. Generator ran for an hour and shut off, fiddled with it and then opened the gas cap and it fired up. I think the vent is clogged.

The weather here isn't that bad but, it's still early.