***General Discussion Weather Thread #4 - 2018***

Hart county has plenty of hills for the water to run off to pool in lower spots but here lately its poolin on the top, sides , and bottom ! Everything is squishy mud!
I just read a small quote from Joe B. where he said the next 30-60 days could be the most severe since the 1970's. Any truth to that?
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Here is a picture posted by a friend on the book of faces at River walk in Columbus
I've always marveled at the sales skills of architects. They propose a plan, a beautifully designed plan for a public park, river walk, space ets. Then they tell the city / county it will cost them millions to build..............in the flood plain of a major river. Then the commission votes to spend those millions of your tax dollars building it and the architect wins nationwide awards for such a stellar concept. Nobody ever talks about the cost incurred to clean up these spaces after a flood deposits tons of silt and mud on them.