***General Discussion Weather Thread #4 - 2018***

Forecasted to be almost 80 on Thursday. Tree frogs are all out in force tonight.


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Man, we know there's still cold weather ahead. This will be the third year in a row that my pear, apple and crab apple trees lost flowers/fruit due to blooming too early. Wish they had the good sense of a pecan tree and hold out for real spring!
Couple more weeks of moderate temps, then a couple more weeks of potential cold shots, then comes the watery eyes and running noses. For some, that has already started.

I call it Loratadine & Flucticasone season. :unsure:
yep the pollen count is high today.
You need to figure out a way to make some extra money pronogistaging da wether for your neighbors.
They know the same thing I do. :)

I always shake my head every year when we get a nice, warm week in early April, and all the transplants and younger folks run out and plant flowers and maters and such, and then it frosts about half an inch deep and kills all of them. Then, they do it again next year.


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Kids are out of school Fri & Mon this weekend. I was hoping it would be snowing within driving distance. Guess not.