***General Discussion Weather Thread #4 - 2018***

Everyone's complaining of the abundant rainfall lately, which has been a lot of rain, but it's got me wondering if mother nature isnt setting us up for something of the total opposite for later on. I'm scared of a polar opposite to come in a few months.
It also may be that mother nature is just rebalancing for the big drough we had a couple years ago
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Slight risk over Bama and Mississippi today for thunderstorms and a low potential for naders. Will this carry over to NE Bama and NW Ga during the evening hours? It isn't expected to maintain severe levels, losing energy after sundown, but it is wise to keep your wx radios on just to be safe.

Sick of it!!! Walked through the main road this morning and could see that they deer were moving from the fresh tracks.

Squish, Squash, Squish, Squash!!!! That is all you could hear. Sweated my elbows off getting to my stand only to be almost blown out by 25MP gust....UGH!

Lots of down trees in the woods and saw about 10 limbs fall while in the stand.


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What do y'all think about the possibility of snow in NC toward the end of this week?

Forecasts are mixed & now leaning more to just rain.


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We haven`t had this much water since March 1998.