Geo Tracker/Suzuki Sidekick/Isuzu Amigo


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I'm shopping around for one of these vehicles (older models) in good shape to drive to and from work. I have heard varying opinions on performance and gas mileage. I was wondering if anyone on here has owned one and could offer their $.02 worth. I have heard anywhere from 25-40 mpg but wonder if thats a stretch. They are apparently crappy and don't last long or they are great and nobody wants to get rid of em cause I cant find many for sale. Can anyone help me out? Thanks for your opinions.


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My daughter had a Geo Tracker and got around 30 mpg, no major mechanical problems, she would still have it had she not wrecked it.
A good buddy of mine bought a Tracker somewhere around 1990-91 or so and hasn't had nearly any problems other routine maintenance. Good gas mileage too.


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I had a 1990 Geo Tracker 4X4. Bought it from my cousin. I remember the day I got it. I drove it around all afternoon and thought the gas gauge was broken because it never moved. I called my cousin and asked him if anything was wrong with it and he said no. So I filled it up and sure enough, the needle went up. I just had to get used to it after that. I 'think' I remember mine got in the upper 20's mpgs....but remember mine was 4X4 and had a much lower gear ratio than a 2wd would have. At 70 mph, the tachometer stayed around 4000 rpm while in 5th gear. Mine was a 5 speed manual tranny and I eventually put 30X12.5 mud tires and aluminum wheels on it. The stance was pretty mean looking. The 1.6L offered in that year model is an Isuzu engine and it ran very well for what it was. Can't go wrong with the removable/convertible top either. It was nice in the summer time. I almost miss it now.
My wife has a 2001 Tracker,which is a Suzuki disguised as a Chevrolet.We bought it used,and so far it's been a good little suv.It's got a small v-6 in it,so the mileage is not real great [20-25 mpg] I don't know what happened to all the old GEO Trackers - like you said,they're either all fallen apart,or folks are hanging on to them.You don't see many of the old ones on the road.