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have done it a few times ....

some caches are really close to your home if ya look em up ....

try this link ....

and look up your zip code .....


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I did it for a little while. Just don't subscribe to their email notification feature:rolleyes: . You'll get bombarded with updates. Some folks get pretty creative about it.
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I just started, seems like a good way to really learn what the GPS can do. I've already used it more than I have since I bought it.


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Its also a great way to get the kids involved!

Just go for a nice drive, walk, hike and bike trip and you'll see its family fun!
Hey, I've never heard of this before. I checked out the link that Nugefan left and this seems really cool. I see some caches in my area. I think I might give this a try sometime. Thanks for info!:cheers:



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never done it myself, but I stumbled accross this cache just yesterday out in Dawson Forest..

I was kinda scared opening it. I figured it was a geocache but you never know..

The litte camera inside didn't work, so I just left a message on the notepad provided. It had a few flashlights and some batteries. All of which looked to be in about the same condition as the camera. So, i didn't take anything, just closed it back up and left it where i found it.