Get an Advanced Armament Tattoo and get a Free Silencer

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Here is the deal.

You can get any of these tattoos here: If you have another AAC logo you like let me know and you can do that too.

The Tattoo has to be:
Larger then 2”x 2”
Has to be the logo, no changes! (call if there will be any changes some small stuff will not matter)
Has to be able to be seen with your shirt off and board shirts on (no bottom of the foot or Edited to Remove Profanity ----Edited to Remove Profanity ----Edited to Remove Profanity ---- )

We get:
Rights to all pic you send us… we will use these on the AAC blog and web site (and elsewhere as we see fit)
Pics of you getting the tattoo and pics after tattoo is done.

You get:
A free silencer up to $1,000.00
If you want to get a more expensive silencer you can pay the difference to upgrade.

No need to have the words “Advanced Armament Corp” tattooed… Of course you could if you wanted to…

You pay the $200 tax stamp and any transfer fees your class III dealer charges.

We have no plans to end this soon. However, we may end it tomorrow we will post on our Blog when we stop doing it.

You must call me to order your free silencer (after getting the tattoo) please know what dealer is doing your transfer when you call.

ONE more thing...

We need a pic of your new tattoo and your face, in the same picture. This is to make sure two people don't get free silencers for one tattoo.

We will not post the pic with your face in it if you tell us not to. I know this can be kinda hard to do with some tattoos so zoom out a little!
wish i was 18 wouldnt mind a free can


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Its no joke...they will give u a credit for $1000 good for one can...U pay the transfer...when I spoke with Cory from AAC sat they have had over 50 people do it Some pics on there BLOG **WARNING SOME PICS MIGHT NOT BE WORK SAFE

U have to pay the $200 transfer tax

BTW u would have to be 21...thats the legal age to own a can in GA
HHMM a couple of tatts for a couple of cans might work out for the son and I.


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i'm seriously considering doing this. biggest decision would be which can to get. lol
If you don't have any cans currently, get a 762-SD. Use that on .308 host weapons and .223/5.56 guns. The sound reduction is only 1 dB louder than an M4-1000 on an AR-15 with 16" barrel but the tone is deeper so most people agree it sounds better.

Is this seriously legitimate? If so, when's the deadline?

red tail

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I might have to do this.
Is this seriously legitimate? If so, when's the deadline?
Yes very Book said, he has already doing transfers for folks who have done this...

Rt now AAC has no deadline for this....they said they would give a weeks notice on there blog if they were gona stop..