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okay ive been fishing w/ a fly rod for years...but i fished w/ live bait, my fly rod is only 7'...but im wanting to go all the way, what kinda rod and reel are good, and what type of fly are good most of the time??


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There is a Temple Forks Outfitter combo on the Bass Pro Shops website. They don't have the combo in the store but if you will go to customer service and have them print it out they will make up a combo for you. The $20 Bass Pro Shops floating fly line works fine. For about $150 you can get a good rod, decent reel and decent line with this combo and they will rig it up with backing in the fly shop. The length and rod weight will be dictated by the type of fishing you intend to do. If you plan to do big rivers and ponds or lakes I'd go with a 9' 5 or 6 wt rod. Smaller waters, maybe a 7' to 8' rod in a 3 or 4 wt. I hope this helps.


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Getting started

Well I will warn you, it is like hunting, you will find yourself with more and more 'stuff' if you really start flyfishing.

Really, the suggestions from bonedog are good. Are you fly fishing lakes and ponds for bass, bream etc? are you fishing mountain streams for trout? are you going to bigger rivers in the west for trout? saltwater? Fly fishing is like anything else, you will have different rods for differnt species and conditions. Sort of like a shotgun for waterfowl but a rifle for deer....but if you want to get started with a general all purpose rod the 5wt or 6wt. would be the choice. Fly rods have different actions and load the fly line depending on your casting stroke. I would go to a fly shop and lawn cast a few different rods. You can get combo type set-up that includes rod, reel, WF floating line, leader, tippet to match. TFO, Sage, G Loomis, St Croix are just a few rod manufactures. Flies and accessory choices are almost endless. Waders, felt bottom boots, nippers, polorized sun glasses, tippet spools, extra leaders, fly boxes, fly floatant, splitshot, etc etc. As for flies, depends on the species of fish, can depend on time of day, certainly time of year, weather, temp. etc. Although you can use attractor type flies - the thing to keep in mind is to 'match the hatch', in other words fish flies the fish are actively feeding on..anyway, I will stop - could go on and on. Post any specific questions and I will try to help or make suggestions if I can.