GHEA Youth Pheasant & Quail Hunt (FREE)!

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The GHEA (Georgia Hunter Education Association) in coordination with the Fort Gordon MWR (Morale, Welfare & Recreational Activities) and the Fort Gordon Sportsman's Club will host a "FREE" Youth Pheasant & Quail Hunt. This event will be held at Fort Gordon, GA. in Training Area 23 from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. on 19 Feb 2005.

This will be a "Youth Hunt" for children between the ages of 10-15 years of age. We must limit this hunt to the FIRST 24 Applicant's WHO MEET THE REQUIREMENTS as follows:

1. Child (either male or female) must be at least 10 yrs of age, but not have reached their 16th birthday yet.
(Proof of age may be required for those who "look older" or are near the age limit {to keep the parents honest}.)

2. Each child must have taken an approved Hunter Education Course (any state) and have it IN THEIR POSSESSION when arriving for the hunt.

3. Each child must be PRE-REGISTERED IN ADVANCE of the event.
(The sooner, the better. Details to follow.)

4. Pre-registration can be by telephone to:
-- Tactical Advantage Sportsman's Complex
-- ATTN: Fred Perry (Outdoor Recreation Manager) or
--------- Larry Slover (TASC Manager)
-- Phone: (706) 791-5078/3317


* Both pheasant and quail (pen raised) will be provided by the GHEA & FGSC at *no cost* to the participants.

* A parent or guardian may accompany the child and provide "back-up" should the child "miss".
** NOTE: The parent/guardian (if shooting) must have a valid GA Hunting License and Hunter Educ. Card in their possession.

* Both 20 ga & 12 ga shotguns will be available for use by the child and all shells will be provided by the GHEA.
(NOTE: The child/parent may provide their own shotgun or shells should they desire to do so.)

* Each child/parent will be accompanied by a GA Hunter Education Instructor and/or a FGSC Range Safety Officer.

* All parents/legal guardians must sign a "Hold Harmless Release Form" and receive a Safety Briefing prior to starting their hunt.

* We plan on having 12 child/parent teams shoot in the AM and 12 child/parent teams shoot in the PM.

* The opportunity to "practice" on clay targets will be made available to those desiring it. We have mechanical clay target throwers available. All "practice" will be under the DIRECT SUPERVISION of either GHEA Instructors or Range Safety Personnel.
(Except to possibly the first AM teams.)

* All "Safe Gun Handling & Safety Practices" will be followed AT ALL TIMES!
NOTE: Serious "Safety Violations" may result in the party being asked to remove themselves from the hunting area.
(Being that this is a U.S. Military Installation, we CANNOT AFFORD any type of preventable "hunting accident".)

** Both U.S. Army and Fort Gordon Regulations require than ANYONE, REGARDLESS OF AGE, must have a VALID "Hunter Education Card/Certificate" in their possession when hunting on any U.S. Military Installation.

Children under the age of 16 DO NOT require a valid GA Hunting License when accompanied by a properly licensed adult over 18 yrs of age.
## The GHEA Instructors are all properly licensed in case the parent is not. ##


In conjunction with this event the GHEA is raffling off a....
Remington 870 Express "Youth Model" in 20 gauge.

Tickets are $1.00 each and 800 tickets will be sold. Proceeds from this raffle will be used solely to help defray the cost of purchasing pheasant & quail for this hunt.
(More details to follow as to availability and purchase sources as soon as I get the info.)


Additional information about what activities the Fort Gordon MWR and Fort Gordon Sportsman's Club will be hosting for 2005 and what facilities our Tactial Advantage Sportsman's Complex has available can be found by going to the following web site:

Those Woody's Campfire members desiring more info about our activities can PM or Email me their address and I will mail them our FGSC brochure, which lists all our 2005 events.
BTW: The "Tactical Advantage Sportsman's Complex" at Range 14 has a 15 position 800 meter Long Distance Range (covered shooting positions/benches), TWO state approved Trap & Skeet ranges, and an Archery Range. These are open to the public for a reasonable fee.
**Contact me for additional info on the fees and requirements for transporting firearms on a military installation.**

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Please Respond....

If anyone from Woody's is planning on attending this event, please post here. If you are and haven't registered yet, I suggest you respond quickly since there are ONLY 24 SLOTS OPEN for this GHEA "Youth" Pheasant/Quail Hunt". These slots will be filled on a "first come/registered" basis only.

Since the promotional publicity flyers were just printed Friday, outside of FGSC members who attended our club meeting last Thursday, very few outside of Woody's or GHEA knows about it. You are getting the "Early Bird" opportunity for this event.... respond quickly!

If you called the phone numbers, did you get the info you needed or get registered? If not, then let me know and I can either get the info or find out what the problem is.

It is always nice to get "feedback" when you post a Community Information Bulletin on a web site like Woody's. I hope I'm not :type: and :banginghe .

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