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Well, the time has come to head out on the upcoming gift hog hunt in Wrightsville. My good Buddy Don will be motoring down tomorrow to my place in Tennessee and another friend Jon, will also be arriving here from Arkansas to drive to Wrightsville, Ga together. Our esteemed guest this year is a now retired Army officer from the great state of Georgia, shot and critically wounded in Afghanistan in 2010.

We will meet up with our guest, along with another good friend, Bob, on Friday afternoon for the hunt that begins on Saturday. We will hunt for four days, afternoons into evenings only, and depart a week from today. The hunt is all fair chase and takes place on the thousands of acres, spread over 3-4 counties our host owns or leases. The hunt is always great, but somehow the first evening is always the highlight for this old fella. Rekindle old friendships with folks I haven't seen for a year and meet wonderful new folks, while sharing fine fellowship and a tough hunt together. The best part that first night for me is always the presentation of the gift rifle and scope to the guest who has no idea he is about to receive it.

I was at the range, just today sighting in that rifle, a Savage M11 Lightweight in .308 topped with a Leupold VX-R 2-7x33. A set-up he can use for most any big hunt he chooses to go on after this one. The very first 3 shot group measured exactly 1" and needed no further adjustment. I chose the Nosler Trophy loading with a 168gr E-Tip bullet, perfect for hogs of most any size, for this hunt.

Pics: my Buddy Don with one of his big boars taken in Georgia and the group from last February's hunt. Our guest in center, in a wheel chair, and the gift rifle. 0211191729-1-1.jpg 24178-1.jpg 0116191235-1.jpg
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Success for our guest! Our guest scored on a very nice Georgia boar of about 220 pounds last night at about 10:30 PM. Situated in a ladder stand he was able to use the good moonlight and his Firedot reticle to perfectly place the shot and drop him in his tracks.

Two more days of hunting for him and us to up our total of 3 hogs this far. 42385-1.jpg
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Update from the stand. The other two members of the group have already scored tonight. So, everyone has a hog, and 3 still hunting tonight.

One of those two is my friend Bob, soon to be 82!! How freakin cool is that! :rockon:

Pics to follow.... :bounce: After some drinks, of course :biggrin2:
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A couple more random pics from the gift hunt I returned home from just yesterday. My Buddy Don will be arriving back home in Wisconsin some time today.

Our camp picture...

First night's dinner...

Pond right behind the cabin...

Pond again...

View from one of the stands. I took my hog there and another in our group also scored there a couple nights later...

Bob (81 yrs old) in the jacket I gave him. Looks rather dapper doesn't he??

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