Glock 40mos and Cmore

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Does anyone know if the new Cmore RTS will fit on the Cmore mounting plate that comes with the pistol? Plate 3 says it’s for Cmore but supposedly the RTS doesn’t fit on all the STS mounts. I did email Cmore 2 days ago but haven’t gotten a reply yet. Thanks
Were you getting good hits with the regular sights and now the Vortex is all over the place or what is the circumstances.
My Venom has stayed dead on so far.


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I put a Burris ff3 on mine. Took 1 mag to sight it in.
I have the ff3 on the g40, g17, and my wife's m&p9 core.
They all were easy to sight in and have held zero. (On the g40 for going on 2 years now).
I did bore sight them first. And I shot unsupported, not from a rest.
Yes with the factory sights was good, but I was also using different brand of ammo. Looking at the casings from last time I shot, some of them were dinged up and there was an odd spread to the pattern of ejected casings. Need to shoot again and verify, just did not know if there were any tips or tricks when using the vortex.
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I ended up putting a Cmore sts on mine. Haven’t had a chance to dial it in at 50 yards yet, did get it hitting center at 25 in about 10 shots