Gobblers together without hens that STILL won't cooperate?

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If you've been hunting long enough you've had it happen; sunrise brings CRAZY gobbling from 2...no...3 gobblers roosted together with NO hens. You say to yourself, "This is gonna be a cakewalk," set up on edge of the field where you have seen them strutting 2 days in a row, stick a decoy in the ground, and prepare for a classic spring morning.

Even though your first calls are answered by silence, you hear them pitch down and think, "Ahhh, it won't be long now." Next thing you know they crank up about 400 yards "thataway", gobbling as they go. The excuse that they might be "funny" gobblers might not be so far fetched!!

Real research findings, but read with a grain or 2 of salt...

Ive been hunting long enough but have never had this happen to me.But I bet after posting this it will be my first :bounce:


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There is a boss gobbler in the area or has not been dead long enough for the younger gobblers to realize they are "in Charge" now.
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Ga-Spur, that's definitely one explanation...

...and it's a whole lot more plausible than the penguin comparison.

More than once I've seen where if the boss is killed, within a few days, the woods are FULL of cooperative gobblers.