Going Fly Fishing This Weekend !

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Hey everyone, I am going to the Tallulah River to trout fish this weekend. It is my first time going there since moving to Georgia from West Virginia and would like to extend the invitation to anyone that would like to tag along. I am a novice fly fisherman who is just (kinda) getting back into it. Normally, I target bass with swimbaits but that type of fishing is quite lonesome. If interested please message me on here!
I would recommend getting a thermometer and checking the stream temps. It has been so hot and the water so low that those fish will be extremely stressed. Trout get lockjaw when that happens. Otherwise if you want to play it on the safe side, go to the Toccoa or the Hooch as they are tailwaters and have colder water. Good luck and tight lines!!!
They did put stockers in the Tallulah this week so maybe you might get a few.
There should be good fishing in or near the Tallulah. I would recommend the thermometer as well though. If it's over about 68°, move farther upstream or into a tributary. There will be fish biting somewhere. Good luck!
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Thank you all! It was an awesome day. Caught 14 fish total. Some on nymph and some on the big and ugly so it was very pleasant! I’m trying to upload some pics here soon