Going to the mountains again.

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Going up to the cohutta wilderness again this week. I've gone twice this season and have not heard any birds. Spooked one hen. Weather was bad the last two times. Hoping they will be making some noise this time. My game plan has been to find a trail and backpack into the wilderness, camp and hopefully hear birds on the roost and hunt them in the morning.

How do yall go about scouting an area with maps before you get there? I had been starting at the rice camp trail head the last two times. I'm thinking about hitting three forks this time. I enjoy backpacking and hiking either way so it's a win everytime I go but I would really like to get my first bird this season!

Yall have been a great source of info this far and I really appreciate it.
Killed one up there 2 weekends ago. Was only about 2 miles in. I saw plenty of sign everywhere I went, but only heard 1 gobbling bird in 4 days and he gobbled 3 times before I shot him. Good luck, maybe the spring is starting up there by now. It was mighty dead looking the other week. Three forks had 10-12 vehicles at it and you don't know where any of those people are or if they are hunting so I opted not to go that route. It may be different for you.


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Just getting good in the mountains this week
Was over by 3Forks this morning. Didnt stay too long, couldn't hear Jack over the wind. It was roaring. Dropped down lower and it was a little better but not much. Sat down in my hammock seat and felt like I was on a ride somewhere. Was my first time using it, Its comfortable but cold lol. No one else over there this morn. .

Left and headed over to a small section of Rich Mountain to look around, didn't hear or see anything other than deer track, beavers and like 4 tree stands. Was mostly thick blow downs, almost no turkey sign. Sure beats working though. May have to slip back down in there when deer season rolls around.
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I haven’t heard squat at Pine log... I’ve seen them in full strut a few times, but not the first gobble ......what the heck?
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Another quiet morning. Ended up getting the flu last night so I called it early this morning and packed up camp at about 8am when I ran out of toilet paper haha. Cant catch a break.