Gold Prospecting or Panning

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Looking for help on the topic. Search forums and nothing posted more recent then 2014.

Big time outdoors guy, trout bum and love the mountains. Last year got curious on the subject but never dove into it like more recently but stilllacking "new guy knowledge" on the topic.

I am wondering who continues to do this all over the state/SE?

I would love to learn and get into it more just wondering if anyone still goes out and does it


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There was & still may be an organization or club in NE Ga. I picked up a brochure in one of the gold panning shops in Dahlonega a few years ago. It wasn't a lot to join & it gave you access to a lot of places that you could go to & even some that you could camp while panning if desired.
I believe this is the one............
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Thanks guys, already emailed the WEGM group

Being new to the activity I'm also looking for a mentor type role that would help me break in and understand the basics to it


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Check out you tube, lots of vids on gold panning. Some in the NGa. area also.
When in lived in Villa Rica for a couple of years...there was a small creek running thru my property. I got curious as to
whether of not i could find gold in it. I got a gold pan from a store in downtown Villa Rica and dug in the creek and started panning, Danged if i didn't find a few flakes of "flour gold".

95g atl

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Dahlonega..... Join a club and get some assistance and places to search.

There were also some OLD mines in Buford and Sugar Hill. Now on private property.


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I used to do a lot when I was a teen and into my early 20s. Never found a huge amount but enjoyed it. I still have some of my equipment and hit a creek occasionally. I would be happy to answer any questions you have if I am able just shoot me a pm. I would look into the gpaa if you are wanting to join a club. Little pricey but they have claims all over the country and do outings where you can learn a lot. I loved the organization when I was doing it.
When I was in grad school in Macon, I researched some old geological surveys. It turns out in the lower piedmont around Macon there was gold found, but never mined because of the gold rush in N. GA. I went looking and found a creek that had a lots of quartz outcroppings in the surrounding rocks. I used a sluice box and a pan (with land owners permission) and found a goodly bit of color. There are lots of areas in the metro Atlanta area too that had lots of gold found, but the find in California led to pretty much the GA gold industry slowly dying out.


Been doing it for several years, have yet to get over a gram of gold even with my 4 inch dredge LOL