Golf cart vs 4Wheeler and what size 4wheeler?


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I belong to a 150 acre club with roads made out of fire breaks so not truck friendly! No huge hills but we plant a couple food plots with a tractor and remove stands each year . It is about a half mile from our parking area to the very back property line so hauling in lime, minerals , and corn in the preseason is a chore right now. If I go with a golf cart I think I want gas but can’t make up my mind between that and a 4 wheeler, either one will be used though. I would like to be able to pull a trailer in to haul stands also so would a golf cart do that or what size 4 wheeler would it take to pull a 5 x 10 trailer. Oh yeah I live in a subdivision so it would just be for the deer club 10 miles away.
Me personally I would go with a electric golfcart with a fold down back seat. It will do anything you mentioned above without pulling a trailer. It also won't be making the noise the four wheeler and gas cart will
Golf cart are nice until you get a lot of rain. Golf cart wont go through mud holes especially a well traveled trail with tire ruts dug in.

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Golf cart are nice until you get a lot of rain. Golf cart wont go through mud holes especially a well traveled trail with tire ruts dug in.
Maybe true if you get a 2WD. Get a 4WD electric and you'll never look back. Just replaced batteries after constant use after purchasing in early 2013. That's 5 years without ever having to go buy gas, oil, spark plugs, tune-ups, etc. Just plug it in at end of day and your good to go all day the next day. And for really heavy stuff I got a diesel Ranger. But...90% of the time it's the electric that gets the nod when I'm at the farm.

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I've ran my 48 volt club car for years in mud towing my 5x10 trailor hauling stands ,lumber for building and repairing blinds no problumn .but I did just buy a mule sx 4wd


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I've only had my 48v cart a year, but I wish I had bought one years ago, I had no problem going through mud or on muddy roads, but didn't have deep ruts to deal with , so not sure about that, also have GBC Dirt Devil tires on the cart, those all terrain tires aren't much good in mud. I never even used my 4wheeler last season, I carried it each time, but it stayed on the trailer. My cart has the box on the back instead of a rear seat, can carry plenty of lime, tools , equipment, etc


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Once you get a golf cart, a four wheeler is about obsolete. I have a lifted gas EZGO with winch, Honda foreman 4wd, Yamaha grizzly 2wd, and I'll take the golf cart all the time.


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Thanks so much for all your comments. We don't drive any vehicles on the property in hunting season unless someone kills a deer so ruts and muddy roads just aren't an issue for us. There is only 3 of us so maybe an electric cart is the way to go. My best friend in Morgan Co. who has land and uses his more for yard work and hauling grand kids had me leaning toward a gas golf cart if I went that route. THANKS.
If I was going to buy a golf cart, should I buy one already lifted with tires or do it myself?
Also I know the 4wd kits are about 2500. Are they needed? or will a 2wd do pretty well. Not planning on going mudding but will drive it when wet and damp. Plus my place is not flat.
Anything to look for or stay away from?
Our lease is in northeast Ga, not flat by any means, my cart does fine being 2wd, but I have dirt devil tires, the all terrain type tires don't do so hot in mud, they clog up.

Depending on how mechanical you are you can buy a lift kit and install it yourself, its not too difficult, I would recommend a 48volt cart instead of a 36volt, if you put larger than 20 inch tires on one you'll probably want to upgrade the controller to a higher amp than stock, it gives you more torque. A good place to read up on carts and what you might want is Buggiesgonewild forum, lots of good info over there, helpful guys too !