Good Day/Bad Day/Terrible Stand Placement


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Decided to ck out a small lot of woods yesterday that I have access to this year. Before I got in the woods I busted a very nice 8pt out of a overgrown field. Don't really know if that is a good thing but I now know where I'm gonna be Sat.-That good.

Go back today to hang a stand. Find what I think is a good tree and :eek: :speechles popped by 2 yellow hornets. Of course I'm very allergic to bee stings so I spend the afternoon in the doc's office. Not to mention those jokers hurt. I'm still hurting. They pack a mean punch. Be carefull yall and good luck Sat.


Jeff Raines

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you must have been close to the nest,european hornets are very aggressive,be careful when you go back.They are the only be that is active at night and are attracted to light


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:D SS, no problem there.

Jeff, now that I think about it, that tree wasn't all that great :rolleyes: My buddy went back to get my cell phone I lost when I busted thru the brair patch like a fullback and said 1 bee would not leave, just kept hovering over my phone. :shoot:

coon dawg

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those European Hornets

(Yellow Jackets on steroids) are pure evil...............only ones that have ever chased me at night!!.......they are cavity dwellers.............some research is being done to see if they are displacing mammals from tree cavities. :(


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Dang european hornets.. I feel for you, Duff.. I got popped by one on my shoulder and it felt like I'd been hit by a baseball bat...

They are cavity dwellers.. I had to abandon a tree that was beside an oak with a hollow in it... Everytime I approached with my headlamp on, they'd come to investigate.. and not in a good way.

I have had one (while I was in a stand) come by and attack/kill a yellow jacket that had been messing with me all afternoon.. Now, that was pretty cool...
Yellow jackets

Got stung by 12 yellow jackets two saturdays ago bush hogging. They hurt all over my arm and head. If your bald don't take off your hat and try to hit them lol my head must of made a good target. To top that off killed them and then once we got to plowing i had been going by a tree full of the european hornets. They were going in a big hole at eye level while i was on the tractor needless to say that spot did not get planted. Another time when i was young me and my girlfriend were making a trail through the woods one nite bumped into a tree with my front rack it happened to have a nest of them things in it they started attacking my headlites. Well i got turned around quick and we never got stung.