Good deer cooler and processing in Greene County


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I was just gonna let yall know about some good ole boys that have a deer cooler and they also do processing.They are behind Jordans country store on Carey Station rd. off of hwy 278.I sampled some of there sausage while enjoying a few cold ones with them and let me tell you it is some good stuff.They will meet you there to hang a deer anytime of the day or night.Give em a shot and tell them the guys off of Cold Springs Rd. told ya.........

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I took a buck in the evening and had to leave to go back to school. I took it to Southern Boys and they field dressed it for me there. The price was cheap compared to the quality of the meat I got. I was really impressed.

And my buck is at Fortner Taxidermy where I've taked a deer before and their quality is outstanding as well. You don't get any better for the price. Look them up at
Southern Boys Deer Process and Cooler

Hey just wanted to let you know the Cooler and process location has moved to the main Madison Hwy -2041 Madison Hwy Greensboro for fall 2009.
Open again this year, the same great processing, same great 24/7 drop off service. No wonder its good, beside good service, Ole Ray's wife Joyce is a Chef and she makes up some sausage recipes.
Check out the website: