Good luck to all the youth hunters

Waiting on daylight, my girl's have gotten to old to hunt the youth season, so we are at camp and just going to see if we can hear a gobble this morning, wow how time flies, Dads and Moms dont take this morning for granted, get those kids out in the woods and kill some turkeys, you'll never regret it. Good luck to all the kids and moms and dads this morning. We will be back in full swing next weekend good lord willing.


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My six year old son experienced his first turkey hunt this morning. He’s been listening before, but this was different. He got to feel the full spectrum of emotion from doubt, to hope, to excitement, to sadness and disappointment as he gobbled on over the hill. I think it was the absolute best first hunt I could ask for. I guarantee you he’s hungry for one now! I’m sorta glad we didn’t get too lucky on the first outing. Now we can “earn it”.
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