Good un. Had pics of him last year. Injuries from a car collision.

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Regretfully i had my crossbow tonight. He was broadside at 20 facing away. Missed a basket rack 6 at 20 yards last night because of a limb. Put on some deet and a leafy suit over my still wet swimtrunks... It happend. Wasn't going to hunt this evening, but gave it the ol coledge try. Glad i did!
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Toughest deer i ever cut up... Cut deer in bigger deer counties. Restocking genetics. But never seen fat like this in September. toughest deer i ever processed. Fat ingrained between roasts even. Never dulled so many knives. Also recently started using a work sharp belt sander... May be the problem, but lanskey stones have been garbage latley.


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Cropping, resizing, and editing sucks. Ruins perspective? Better way to post pics?