Gorgeous Passenger!

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Well, at least I think it was! I just got back from our favorite taxidermist in southern Kentucky with my Kentucky buck from this past season.

He got a seat with a view because the back seat was taken up by two bear mounts, two bear skulls mounted and two bear hides (remnants). A very fruitful trip, me thinks! All I have to do now is find some room to hang him...lol :cool:

Also picked up SIL's 8pnt Tennessee rack that we got mounted for free in trade for the cape.


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Looks great! Do you know which form was used? Need to pick one for mine that I am getting done from this year.
Another of my favorites. This was a left look, semi sneak with ears forward. This is almost how he was when we had our stare-down, just before he met my .444.