Got a nice doe sat eve

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I hunted sat morning in lilburn an saw 2 does an another deer way out in the field, so I moved my stand up front near the big white oaks I think I am getting spoiled hunting so close to home anyway I got in my stand about 5 an I was looking behind me nex to a small creek an I turned around an here comes this nice doe walking down the old roadbed she walked behind me gave me about a 5 yard shot, I hit her good she only made it about 50 yards an I took her to the cooler. :D Nex year they will be putting houses in that farm what a waste ::huh:


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huntaholic said:
Next year they will be putting houses in that farm what a waste ::huh:
Progress is supposed to be wonderful? -- Yeah, right!:)

Congrats on the Doe -- good luck on the next one.



Yeah, I guess progress is somethin' that we can't avoid.....

Who would of thunk that they are building a "GOLF COURSE COMMUNITY" off Hwy. 15 in Hancock County????? ::huh: ::huh: ::huh:

With an "EQUESTRIAN RIDING TRAIL" on the premises as well......

Is this the same Hancock County that I know of????

The Poorest County in the state?????

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore "TOTO"......... :bounce: