Got first bear, now what?

I talked to Chris Carter from Trophy Taker taxidermy here in NE GA the year before last. I told him I never wanted a rug. I just don't like them. But if I ever killed a 400+ lb bear, I might have a fur-on skin made. He said he outsources the skins, and ships them off somewhere or another. But he said a fur-on skin like that would probably go $400-$500 from him. Way more reasonable in price in my book compared to a rug. I just don't like the felt, the always seemingly growling appearance of the head. I don't need the paws. I always just wanted a good fur-on skin for a man cave chair throw or something. $400-500 fits the bill for that. Even thinking of paying $500 for a skin makes me cringe though. I may never have one done just because I just don't have expendable cash to justify one.
This is true! Maybe it could be dual function, and they could line my casket with the fur. That would be....unique! Haha!