Got my 9lb largemouth replica back!

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I caught this fish during the prespawn last year. I sent the measurements and pictures to Anglers Choice Replicas and Bryan Russel (Fishmounter) made a custom mold for it and brought it to life with this paint job! I could not be happier with how it turned out!! The fish looks even more realistic than a skin mount from a few years back. Fish was 9lbs 12oz x 25inches, caught her on a BBZ1 4” shad which I hung on the first picture.



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Yep. That's the way to do it!

Looks great! Congrats! Bryan does an awesome job on replica mounts!

Cletus T.

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Excellent catch and excellent mount too young man……you done good!!!!

That one pic with the sunset in the background………EPIC!!!

Great catch. Congratulations!! It's a nice replica and the guy did a pretty good job. I've got some mounts that don't look near that good. However I think the color is slightly off on the head. Also on a big fish the eyes are always bug eyed. Look at the original pictures to see what I'm saying. The socket has to be built up to give this effect. Also I think it would have looked better if fins etc would have used contrast rather than constant color.

If you are ever in Macon go by Old Time Country Buffet at the old mall. There are some unbelievable fish mounts in the restaurant.