Got My Knife Today Too


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Ya`ll look at this masterpiece I got in a trade with Burl E. It has a unique sheath and the handle is as purty as anything I`ve ever seen. This man knows his knives. Many thanks Burl!! Good trade! :cheers:



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Man I can't wait to get mine! Sweet lookin' knife, Nick and awesome work, Burl!

I'm gonna have to sweeten the deal some I'm afraid.. That knife is worth more than a walkin' stick...


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Seems Monday was a busy day for the USPS:flag:

Nice blade:cool:


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CAL said:
Now don't go puttin of on ya sticks Delton.I am right proud of mine and my wing bone call too!
Thanks Cal... Maybe he'll like his.


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Hey D, after the end of next wek, I`m gonna be needin` one of them walkin` sticks too! :p


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I've been meaning to get one to ya for a while now.. but turkey season came, and then the hot weather.

Jamie don't take too kind to me craving a stick in the living room.... much. :rofl:

I'll try and get busy on it....


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Dadgummit, I wish I had some talents so I could trade with some of you craftsmen on here.

On second thought, how many lies and tall tales would it take to get me one of them there knives? :biggrin2:

Burl E.

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Thanks Nic! I am glad you posted a pic of it. I was in a hurry to get to the post office by 12:00 on Saturday, I forgot to take one.
That Etowah River Wild Cherry Burl is Bee-U-Tee-Full stuff. The only wood or burl that comes close in my book, is Buckeye Burl.

I make turkey calls, strikers, pens, duck calls, fishing lures, knife handles, deer grunt calls, key chains, and anything else I can with it. That is "if" I can find a big enough knot to use. The only problem I have is waiting for it to dry. I have even used the microwave to speed up the process. Dang, I hope the ol' lady don't read that.

Delton, Yours has a little more upswept point. I rushed it to the post office at 4:58 today. And if you feel like sweetn' up the pot, feel free, I won't mind.::ke:

Burl E.

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I got mine, too. Man, talk about a work of art. You are the MAN, Nic!
:cheers: :)
hey captain,
a fella could sure skin a lot deer with that one, very nice