Got my knife today!

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Thanks Burl! I couldn't be more pleased.

I'm not sure which I'm more pleased with -- the knife or the sheath! Awesome work on both!

Can't wait until deer season to put it to some use...



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Just give me the handle:fine:

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It's stainless, it'll wipe off easily... :D

Burl E.

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Glad you like it Delton. If you wanted to sweeten the deal, I had almost forgot the fine looking turkey totes you make.::ke:

I have been out of town some this week. I took my girls up to Pigeon Forge.
Man, we ruled the go cart tracks. :yeah:
One other thing I got to do was to go to the Smokey Mountain Knife Works. I brought back five fixed blade knife blanks, four folding pocket knife kits, and two sword blanks. (Yes, I said Swords! They were four dollars less than the cheepest knife blank I got. :huh:)
I hope to post them here tomorrow. It would be interresting to post the steps and progress as I made them.
All but the 47 pics of sanding and sanding and sanding and sanding and sanding and sanding and sanding and sanding and ...........
I am glad ya'll like the knives and sheaths I made to trade. They were fun to work on.
The gator bones were the crowning jewel for the sheath. At first I thought they looked cheesey, but seeing them here made me change my mind.
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I'm sure I have a tote around here some where.. :D

I was wondering what that bone was on there... Couldn't figure it out to save my life, but I like the look it gives the sheath! It off-sets all the brown... Nice touch!

Burl E.

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The Bone is from the back of the gator. It is the one that makes the ridges of hard plates. I have several of them.
People who have birds like that bone. The shape is good for beak scratching.