Got to meet some more Woody's members this weekend!

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Tarp and gafishnut stopped by our camp Sunday afternoon for a little while and introduced themselves. They saw Mike's Woody's cap right off the bat and mentioned something about it and it was on after that... :D

We showed them around a bit and we just chatted awhile, though I never really expected any Woody's members to find us out there in them boonies... :D

Tarp just recently purchased about 50 acres close to us and he and gafishnut may be interested in joining the club next year.

You guy's better be careful wearing those hats, there's no tellin who you might run into or where someone might spot you... :bounce:

Just kidding guy's, good to meet ya'll and feel free to stop by anytime!
Just run into a woody's boy anywhere! There goes the neighborhood.

Milti, ya'll gonna be down over the weekend?



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I'm hearing the hats are helping quite a few members hook up. -- That's great.

My favorite is Flash with Chely Wright when she was in Korea doing the concert.;)


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Jim, I should be there, though I think Mike is heading to the mountains this coming weekend trout fishing with some of his kin folks and I don't think Eddy bow hunts. Stop by if'n you'er in the neighborhood though and I'll show you around.

Woody, GaFishNut and Tarp are super nice guy's though they don't hold a candle to Chely when it comes to the looks dept.... ;) :D You're right though, the caps do make it a lot easier for folks to recognize one another. Which reminds me I wanted to get one of those T-Shirts, though I can't seem to find the web-site that you order them from. Do you or Jim have a valid link to the web-site still?