Got to start watchin my step

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While out mowing yesterday I spotted a snake coming out from under the mower. At first I thought it was a Bull snake cause I didn't see any rattles but on a closer inspection after I got off the mower I saw I had cut them off. Went and got the Kodak out off the truck and took a few pics. As you can tell he wasn't very happy so after the photo op I finished him off didn't figure I need a very MAD :mad: and quiet rattler hanging around the yard.:hammers:

Since he was about a foot and a half long he'd off probably had 7 or 8 rattles before the mower shortened his tail.


He didn't look very happy. It would be silent without them rattles!
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Or a belt,,,, nice pics Mike,,,,

Shoot CMP after he went under the mower the next time wasn't much but little pieces left :bounce:


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next one ya see , Ill trade you an Eastern Diamondback skin for skin ....
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I have never seen a rattler with that coloration. Is that a Pygmy?
jbogg it's call a Northern Pacific rattlesnake.