Gotta get a new release

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My old Trufire Hurricane wrist strap with jaws style release finally gave it up the other day. My question is....for a wrist strap type of release, are you more fond of the jaws style or the hook style release? The jaws release is all I've ever used but after slinging a gold tip hunter pro into Lord knows where it seems like the hook style wouldn't really let you get to 1/4 or half draw before giving it up.


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I’ve had both. Been using the jaw type the last few years. No reason other than it’s what I’ve gotten use to.

You saying your release broke and you flung a stray? Or accidentally flung one?
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It didn't break but the jaws won't go back enough to completely close now so I got back with enough tension that the loop slipped through the gap and one went sailing. I may could clean or adjust but it's got me a little gun shy now. Seems like the hook may be a little less apt to do that.
I shoot both in the yard. I have found that, in the heat of battle, when your looking at a good set of horns, the hook is alot easier to attach than the jaws. Alot easier. When you get older it matters at low light conditions also. A hook you can grab the loop by feel against your thumb without glancing down.
I've been shooting a hook for a few years and like it better than a jaws release, it's just quicker and easier to hook into the D loop. I bought a Spot Hogg Wiseguy last year and love it, if you like a light crisp trigger you may want to try one.


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I have a Scott Rhino XT which is a hook, and a Scott Mongoose XT which is a single caliper. I hunt with the Rhino and the Mongoose is the back up. I read a hook can make you focus on a clean hook up as you draw. And for me it works. Double caliper I had a shark by Scott for years and never had any issues except the screw that connected the wrist strap to the head fell out got to my stand and the head was gone. After 7years of use. I had a Tru ball fang but it was so light and small I couldn't adjust to it from a Scott. I have a truball thumb release it's a hook but it's a 3D release does a real loud click goin off. Its a boss 360 I think. I'd go put a few on see how they feel to you.