Grass carp and a few others!

Josh B

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Looks like you had fun. That carp is huge. Getting into bow fishing is my next hobbie. I've been twice and I suck but I might could have hit that carp.
"Anglers who use Thurmond Lake should become familiar with grass carp and how to identify the species. Removal of grass carp from the lake is prohibited by federal regulations and South Carolina state law."
Straight from the corps of engineers website.
They aren't protected under state law, but are under federal.
Really?! That's interesting. Haven't lived there in over 7 years but when I did there was no such sign at Holliday. Guess they're trying to work on the hydrilla issue a bit??
Yeah, the sign was put up this year, I knew SC prohibited the removal of them. They are to help with the hydrilla according to usace website. It don't affect me as I've never been bowfishing, but just trying to save y'all a ticket.
I don't get back there often QMOG but that hydrilla sure did make for some good diver hunting back in the day.
That's why I hate seeing grass carp introduced, but hydrilla is an invasive, so I guess they have to take care of it someway. Fishing will hurt too, especially bass and jack fish, but only time will tell, I guess.