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Big thank you to our site administrators. Just one question though, if someone wants to upload let's say a deerstand drawing it is going to be larger that the set upload file attachment sizes. I guess we could email them but then your really not sure of what your getting. Maybe I am way off but I tried uploading a pdf file and couldn't due to it's size 244k.


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Look at the top of the Outdoor Photography and Braggin' Board and you'll see a link to "Pix Re-sizer". That's the easiest way to re-size the picture's so that they'll fit.

That, or upload the picture to a photo database like and post a link that way.

Hope this helps ya some.
or you can store it else where on the web and link back to it. Many file storage sites out there (some will let you store a certain amount for free).


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It is a good forum