Great Commission Opportunity (Missionaries needed near Gainesville, GA)

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A conservative Christian school near Gainesville, GA is looking for Christian ministers to fulfill the Great Commission in the lives of students and families that attend our high school. We emphasize that being a disciple and making disciples of Jesus Christ are the focus of this ministry, and we are looking for ministry partners to serve as missionaries in our school. We have moved away from the approach to Christian education that does little more than apply a Christian veneer to secular education models: Bible class, higher behavioral and academic standards, prayer, etc. toward what we see as a more holistic discipleship model.

Applicants with college degrees are preferred, but our accreditation gives us some flexibility to consider applicants who may lack the formal credentials required to teach in public schools. The selection process is more geared to determine if there is a match between the applicant's gifting and calling and our school's ministry. Though there are specific courses needing to be covered (Spanish, English, Biology, Math), our larger concern is recruiting ministry partners with a solid Christian testimony and a heart for discipling teens. Current faculty have sufficient experience and expertise to adjust courses they teach to accommodate a range of abilities in new faculty.

I was recently brought on board as High School Academic Director to strengthen our academic program with a focus on improved success getting students to complete assignments and homework in a timely manner, so successful applicants need to be capable of being firm regarding accountability for academic assignments. Some faculty and staff at the school work as “tentmakers” - volunteers without compensation from the school. Other faculty and staff receive modest compensation that can be described as “sacrificial.” Teachers who have worked elsewhere can expect to find more administrative support in the classroom than anywhere else they've ever worked. (Administrative support for disciplinary issues is excellent, and there is no pressure to gift grades or make other compromises in faith and conscience that often occur in other schools.)

Contact me via PM to submit a CV/Resume or for further discussion of this ministry opportunity.