Great guides on area lakes?

What is your opinion of Ken Sturdivant? I have never used him, but I attended a seminar he conducted at Bass Pro on electronic fish finders. He is a guide at Lanier, right? Any opinion?
Maybe good for bass fishing but their are many better striper guides.
Ken Sturdivant

Ken Sturdivant is a great guy, outstanding/ experienced fisherman and especially an excellent trainer. He can adapt himself to whatever you are looking for.
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Spotted Bass Guides on Lanier

Besides Ken Sturdivant, Ryan Coleman and Jimbo, are there other quality spotted Bass guides on Lake Lanier that I should seriously consider hiring? In other words, am I missing no someone?

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Hands down, Carter's Lake with Louie Bartenfield. Magnum spots and if they're biting, some big Stripers and hybrids. Not to mention the occasional walleye. Scenery can't be beat and the boat traffic is usually really small, even in summer. Been on 7 trips with him, including this past Sat. where we caught alot of stripers and spots. Also, Rick Shoupe from Fish Allatoona, this guy can fish any area lake and get bit. Both guides I would highly recommend.


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Jeff Blair is unique in the fact that he’s very good fisherman , and a man of outstanding character...Your family is in good hands with him on board!


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If you're going to hit Lanier, Trent Gober is really good. He will do it all. Rig it up, hook fish and let you reel them all the way to just driving the boat and you do everything else.
He's a good guide and has a great boat. I highly recommend him if you're going to Lanier.