Great time at Vogel SP

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We enjoyed our week long camping trip at Vogel State Park. We used the ac during the first of the week and ended the week using the furnace. Monday morning about 5:30 am , our dog barked and woke us up. My wife looked out the window and said something is out there. I turned on the porch light and opened the door. There was a huge 350lb pound bear in our cooler. I yelled at it and it walked away with my boiled peanuts. We shined a flashlight through one of our windows and watched the bear eat the peanuts. A little head looked up at us too. She had one cub with her. My dogs wanted to go out but I made them wait until well after daylight. The bear also got our gallon of sweet tea and margarita mixer. Later I placed a strap around the cooler and rolled it under our camper. We didn’t see the bears anymore. We went hiking to waterfalls , played slots at the casino , rode the scenic railroad in Blueridge , went to the movies , cooked out , took naps and enjoyed the outdoors. I also almost got arrested after driving off without paying at the gas pumps. It was an older pump that you couldn’t swipe your debit card. I am used to swiping , pumping and leaving. I totally forgot to go back inside the store and pay. They called the police but I later remembered after I found my debit card in my pocket. I returned to the story and apologized. They understood and all was well. It was a great week.