great white shark caught at Navarre beach pier

Saw a video a couple of years ago of one eating a guides trolling motor a couple hundred yards off the beach. I didn’t realize they went up in the gulf until I saw that.


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Whites are regulars in the Gulf. Kathrine, a 16 footer that had been tagged with a transmitter, was all up around Mexico Beach and Cape San Blas.

Lot of folks don`t realize that orcas come up into the Gulf too.


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Kathrine is a traveling girl. She has made the trip from up north all the way down the east coast of Florida, then back up the west coast to the Panhandle the last couple years. Then in the fall, she goes back. She seems to be in the Homosassa to Steinhatchee area right about opening of scallop season every year. 🙂


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Wish I could catch something like that off a pier.