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sense my eyes are not as good as there once were i put a scope on my muzzle loader and went and shot it today and i bought some of the T/C mag express 240 gr xtp bullet's and with 100 grains of triple 7 i was hitting all over the paper...i would shoot and move scope the clicks i thought would work and could never get the scope set to hit so i loaded with the 295 gr power belts and hit dead center but about 1 foot low so i took the scope off a shot the power belts again with iron sights and hit 2" low at a hundered yards so i loaded up and shot again and cut the same hole with iron i'm wondering if the T/C mag express bullet's are junk or could it be the scope...anyone else have problems with the T/C mag express bullets?


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I have not have had any issues with the Mag Express 240 XTP hollow point. I zeroed my Encore out to 200 yards with them on FRIDAY. I think it may be your scope. Good Luck.


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It is either the scope or that your gun just doesn't like that particular load. I have found that sometimes with the harder to seat saboted bullets (like the Mag Express) people don't get them seated all the way on the powder, which cause erratic pressures and bad groups.

Are you swabbing between shots? If not, try that first. Then try loading up and down in 5 grain increments. It may be that you will start getting good groups at 115 grains or 85 grains. Your gun will tell.


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What kind of scope do you have? Friend of mine bought a brand new bushnell scope for his muzzle loader and he could not group ant shots. He checked everything and it was the brand new scope!


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Speaking of scopes, I got a Bushnell 1.5 - 4.5 shotgun scope to mount on my Rem Genesis ML today. Hope I will not have the same issues..


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What kind of scope is it? Some of the off-brand or cheaper scopes aren't the best when dealing with M/L recoil.

Other than that, your shooting fundamentals might be just plain bad. Many people tend to flinch in shooting muzzleloaders. Be especially careful that you hold that extra beat after squeezing the trigger (slower ignition than smokeless powder).

If it's not any of that, then it might be one of these, so check in order:
1. Not cleaning between shots. You can get a lot of difference between shots due to many factors.
2. Seat depth for the load. Have a good mark on your ramrod to ensure that the load is consistently set correctly.
3. Loose screws on the mounts and/or rings.
4. Though, rare, a bad scope.
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its old bushnell i've had for about 12 years and its been on seveveral muzzle loaders and has about 30 kills...cleaned between every shot and every 6 shot it was broke down and cleaned spotless...ram rod loose screws on base's ring's i checked that on about the 3rd shot...i reckon the old scope has seen better SON has my other extra scope and getting back from him is like pulling bring me scope big boy i need it and my fishing poles to while your at it


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first thing i would do is give that 777 to someone you don't like. imo that powder is horrible and would not group in my rifle aswell. the instant i started shooting pyrodex my grouping went from 12 inches to 2 inches.