GSP’s and Coyotes

If your bird hunting run a bell on them. Feb and march round here they are very protective of the den. It's always a risk, if they want one they will get them no matter what's size . I've seen big curs and hounds cut up by them .
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Thanks for the feedback. I do not hunt with these dogs but they go to the woods often. The problem I see is they have been raised in a open door environment 24/7 and they won’t suspect trouble if they want to run at night. They will have a limited range but the yotes will not.


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I wouldn't worry about the coyotes. I have a big pack that comes through all the time and my little dog will run them out of hearing. I would be more worried about cars and other stray dogs than a coyote. Your dogs have enough instinct to avoid danger whether at night or during the day. One on one coyotes would rather avoid trouble than to stay and fight( they aren't much of a match for a dog that is in shape). The coyotes will somewhat respect your dogs area and won't really create any problems. They definitely aren't going to have a den close to your house. Since you have two dogs running loose they are pretty much going to give you a wide berth. They'll still come by and raise cane and get your dogs stirred up but I seriously doubt you'd have any trouble. Hunting is a little different story because you might be dumping dogs out right on top of a den or a coyotes core area. As long as a coyote knows a human is near they are leaving the country. I had a coyote in the front yard the other morning trying to catch a rabbit and my dog was sleeping on the back porch.


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I've got 3 GSP's and my experience is at some point this breed of dogs will just up and run off for some dumb reason. When it happens my fear is one being split up from the other and encountering coyotes during the night if they don't return. Therefore, now we never let our dogs out without a collar. We have a 3,000 acre park behind our house and it's not an easy task to find a dog on it. Yours may NOT run off if unattended but I've heard from a lot of GSP owners this is the one trait they share. We hunt birds with ours so when they are out they think they gotta be hunting something!


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If you want to see how dogs and coyotes interact with each other do an Internet search for "coyote hunting with dogs" and watch the videos. Levi Johnson is a popular coyote dog hunter and has lots of videos out.

We have had some rough cur dogs stretch out a few coyotes but a single dog vs a territorial pack of coyotes might not turn out well.