Guess I'll keep hunting this area...

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Checked my trail cam on NF land this weekend, guess Yogi is still hanging around this mountain.

Not far away, there is an impressive marking tree..

Unfortunately, despite hunting all weekend being wet and miserable, I only saw BooBoo, maybe a 85-100#.

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It’s a .30-.30. My first gun almost 40 yrs old. Enjoy it’s light weight and short length for toting in the mountains. And a lot cheaper than buying a fancy “mountain rifle” from Kimber or others.


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I agree....great for mountain hunting. I like to hunt with my Dad's old's kinda like having him with me out there....he's been a long time gone.

Good luck and stay safe...hope you bag that beast!

Killer Kyle

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That's a good bear!! I decided to forego the .308 and toted my Win .30-30 all last season because it is about three lbs lighter. Sure makes an agreeable partner when humping through the hills!
Hope you get that big boy. He's got some mighty fine fat on him!!
I keep going back n forth on getting a lever gun . I kinda wanna get one in .357 because I tote a wheel gun in that caliber but we will see. Go get em boys