Guess what day it is?

Five rings in nine years. Enough said. Although if they had not choked last year when it counted the Dawgs would have that ring but the Trophy is in T Town not Athens. Roll Tide!
Yea some of us are old enough to remember when Georgia was the National Champions Of course Bamna was the National Champions the two years before that happened

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I have pictures and a video too, M6. :) I mean, if you're going to include those pics, we should also include those pics where Georgia got screwed over by the refs. Those refs are looking right at the play during those no-calls. I hope Alabama got those refs a championship ring too. They sure deserve them!

This video pretty much sums it up.

None of the missed calls matter to me. I see it in every game all season. I know without question Athens is In good hands. What Dawg fans need to understand is there’s a new system in Athens. Kirby helped Saban evolve the process while spending 11 years with him. Our entire program eats, sleeps, thinks, practices, recruits and plays differently. If you watched Bama evolve under Saban the worst thing you can do is beat a Saban coached team. You’ll pay dearly the next time you see them. As we seen with Auburn in tge SECCG. Kirby has these kids minds where they need to be. UGA is in good hands. I don’t fear humiliation anymore with Dawgs FB! We may not win it all this year but it won’t be long you can take that to the bank! So on with it my fellow FB brothers and Go Dawgs!!!

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Now how much fun would it be around here if we all loved one another and constantly patted each other on the back? :bounce:

And I am assuming the guy in the pic is one of the refs from the national championship game? Explains why there were so many no-calls! :rofl: