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I was wondering if anybody on here had a preference on this . . . I am looking at purchasing a 24 gun safe and I am looking at 2 at tractors supply. Would you buy the $500 Cannon or the $700 Winchester? The Winchester is slightly bigger, heavier and has a little bit better fire safety rating. It also looks like the Winchester is a little nicer on the inside.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.



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I found this and it goes into detail about how some safes are made.
Long but full of useful facts regarding safes.

kept trying to catch them onsale and not all scratched and broken at tractor supply. Finally went to academy and got the 36 gun for a few dollars more still in it's packaging so I didn't scratch it up too.
oh yeah it was a cannon and we are pleased. it has the power feed through the back so I plugged in a 30ft rope light and it keeps the humidity down some and i can see what i'm looking for.