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Man, what a shame! Dang fences have killed a many of them. He was a healthy looking brute.
I work for the FD in gwinnett, and I’ve seen some monsters while running around. We had a big one behind the firehouse first of the season, ran a call down the road, and the construction crew said they saw him dead on the side of the road.


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Those are bad and the “pretty” ones with the little short bars with spike tops every other spindle are good at killing fawns and yearlings. I wish they were at least all round topped so deer would stand a chance.


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Yeah I'm not trying to be the tree hugger type but dang shoot that thing and take pictures of a dead deer put it out of it's misery!!
Have to wait on an additional officer to show up to shut down traffic and ensure the safety of the public and children around.
Hate to see him go like that. He was a beast.


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The real shame to me is having the inability to quickly and humanely dispatch the animal. If it were my fence it would have been taken care of quickly and cleanly and I would have consumed the meat and been thankful for it. No need to wait on Tweedledee and dum to shut down traffic and create a viral spectacle out of it snapping photo opps while a magnificent animal clearly suffered.
Whoa, what a major bummer for that beast. Sorry about the bad sad event.

buck had 14 scoreable points, with 6 on the right and 8 on the left.
residential area near the intersection of Highway 29 and Jimmy Carter Boulevard
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Yeah, I saw that deer on Seek ones book face page.