Habersham Birds Gobbling?

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Anyone hearing any Habersham county birds yet?

Seems to be either tight lipped birds or the population is down where I hunt.


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I’ve had 2 big gobblers roosting in my backyard here in fannin off and on for 2’weeks including last night. They have not made a peep. I know I’m not close but been seeing lots of birds around here and they’ve been quiet. Saw those same 2 Thursday in the yard and one was
Strutting for the hens.

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They were gobblin real good in Banks co 2 weeks ago. Haven't heard them in over a week. Idk if they moved along or if they're being quiet
Opening morning of youth season my son and I heard five different birds on the roost. Called up four at one time and he rolled one. I have been a bunch of other places listening but haven't heard a peep. I believe the numbers are a little low, or they might be spread out father this spring because of all the acorns we had. Still seeing acorns in a lot of different places, even on Russell.