habitat flats?

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for those that have been, is it worth the money? A buddy and myself are thinking about taking our wives (they won't be hunting, just relaxing) during the 2020/2021 duck season. Saskatchewan is out of the picture, it would have to be their Missouri lodge. We have been on guided hunts in AR and have done self guided in MS the last few yrs, but our main concern is making sure the ladies have a good experience. It will also be the 10 yr anniversary for my wife and I so maybe that could help justify spending the $$
If you are wanting to spend that kind of money look at honey brake, top notch accommodations and world class hunting. Of course you can’t kill the amount of ducks you can in Mexico but it’s still a heck of a place.
A doctor friend I no went a few years ago and his group crushed them ... if u do decide to go to there Mo location check on dates way in advance ... I tried to put a hunt together for my son last yr and they were booked in there Mo location ... best of luck ...