Half-ton towable 5th Wheels....

Absolutely correct. It’s simple really. One is built for the job, the other isn’t. But it’s amazing how many people fail to realize it. Every camping season I see combinations around the campground and on the road that make you go hmmm. Last year we were up in Clayton GA at the Wal-Mart and a 40-42ft triple axle DRV pulled in on a F-250 and I promise you the rear tires weren’t clearing the fender wells by 1-1.5in tops. And out pops a couple with 3 kids. I just couldn’t bring myself to ask how the combo handled for fear of what he may say as well as try to mind my business. I just hope they are safe today.
Had a co-worker who pulled a really large London Aire with a Ford Super Duty 350. He was aware that he needed a bigger truck. He took the dining room table out and had a deep freeze in the kitchen. They lived in it. I can't imagine how much it weighed.
He said going up the Saluda grade on I-26 in South Carolina, his rig would slow down to 20 mph.
He didn't have any trouble between Augusta and the coast. He said he needed a 550 like a 7.3, auto, 2x4, C/C Lariat F550 Fontaine Classic Traveler.

I would say that maybe for some people a 3/4 ton isn't even big enough.
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Is there really that much difference between the half ton truck you can buy now and the gas 3/4 ton trucks from a few years ago?

Most new half ton trucks are rated to tow 10k plus pounds with the right equipment.

Is it it even legal to tow a recreational trailer over 10001 lbs with no CDL. I know farmers are exempt but it used to be a big deal in construction.


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Good point

Frames were thicker on the old 3/4 tons but other than that you are about right, and u can
Pull a combined weight of 25999 pds without a CDL, so yes u can pull 15k to16k and be legal as long as u non commercial